Life is full of the unexpected, including accidents, side swipes, dents, and dings. When the unexpected does occur, you can expect Wayne's Collision and Detail Center to take care of your car completely. Serving the Whatcom County area since 1975, we provide comprehensive collision services, including frame work,  custom painting and glass repair or replacement. Fully licensed, bonded, and insured, we work directly with insurance companies, handling all the paperwork and processing for our customers. Got a classic car? Expensive import? We offer customized car painting and restoration. Curious? Contact us for a FREE estimate.                                            --learn more--



Inside and out, your car takes a beating out there. From sticky juice on the seats to pine pitch on the roof or gum in the carpets, our Complete Interior and Exterior Detailing packages will give you a shine for all to admire.

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Every day, your vehicle is subject to abuse from the elements: sun, dirt, smog, acid rain, brake dust, insects and bird droppings.Taking proper care of your vehicle will help extend its longevity, and keep it looking new!

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Inside your vehicle, kids, pets, smoking and normal use inflict dirt, grime and odors on the interior. At Wayne's Collision and Detail Center, we set a higher standard for auto detailing to give you a clean, spotless car.

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Wayne's Collision and detail center offers additional services such as boat, motorhome and farm equipment detailing as well as offering additional interior and exterior protectants including fabric guards, leather guards and paint guards.

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